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Help Zeke
UPDATE 5-25: We are THRILLED to report that Zeke's health continues to improve and he is well on his way to recovery! He's been back to the vet and everyone agrees that he looks so much better. His blood work looks good and his appetite has increased, he even gained 3 lbs! His eye was examined and diagnosed with eyelid entropion and a corneal ulcer which we will address along with his leg once he has completely recovered. In the meanwhile, this is how he spends his time -- in the laps of his foster home surrounded by love. Thank you to his amazing foster family for their extraordinary care and to all of YOU for your love and support for this big guy!

UPDATE 5-14: Dear friends, we sincerely thank each and every one who donated to Zeke's vet care. The doctor released Zeke and he was so happy to be back in his foster home. He was doing so well but unfortunately, has had yet another setback. He once again became lethargic, stopped eating and had alot of fluid buildup. He was admitted to the emergency vet yesterday (Sunday) for IV fluids and meds, chest x-rays to check for pneumonia and a nasal tube to drain fluid from his stomach. He is being transferred to our friends at Petchester Veterinary today. We will continue to keep you updated on his progress. Please send him healing thoughts and if you'd like to make a donation, please click on the button below to donate to our Healing Paws Fund. We greatly appreciate your support - as they say, it truly takes a village. Thank you!

We'll never understand why life can be so cruel to the sweetest of animals. Eight-month-old Zeke is fighting for his life and we need your help to make sure he continues to get all the vet care he so desperately needs.

This Great Dane pup has already survived a lifetime of despair. He was rescued from a rural area and when he arrived at Pet Rescue, he was emaciated, had a limped gait and an irritated eye. He went right into a foster home for some much-needed love and care – and quickly won over the hearts of everyone he met. After just a few days, the difference was dramatic.

Unfortunately, his progress didn't continue. A few days later, he lost interest in food, was very lethargic, had diarrhea and was vomiting what looked like pieces of plastic. Concerned that there might be an obstruction, we took him to an emergency vet and sure enough, x-rays showed that there was something in his stomach that needed to be surgically removed. And it showed a fractured femur too, which will be addressed once he is healthy.

Please help give Zeke and other pets like him critical vet care.

We didn't want him to suffer, so he underwent emergency surgery that same day and the surgeon removed the following:
  • Pacifier
  • Silicone lid from a child's sippy cup
  • Albuterol vial
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Ziplock lid

It's hard to imagine how desperate Zeke was for food, that he survived on whatever garbage he could find!

After surgery, he stayed at the hospital to recover but he was still so weak and his diarrhea and vomiting would not stop. We were so afraid he wouldn't survive. Further testing diagnosed him with parvo, a contagious, life-threatening virus which requires quarantine and constant monitoring.

Now, a week later, Zeke is still in the hospital and slowly starting to recover. We are astonished at his amazing heart and fighting spirit! Please send him your healing thoughts and if you can find it in your heart to help cover his vet care, your gift to our Healing Paws Fund would be greatly appreciated. Together with your support, we can continue saving precious lives like Zeke.

Thank you for your caring, kindness and generosity!

Healing Paws Fund

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