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before applying for a dog to learn more about our adoption process.

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Phoebe is a one year old toy breed Min Pin (mix ??) who weighs in at only 7 pounds. But don’t let her size fool you - she has the energy and stamina of any big dog! She loves to go on walks and she would love a fenced in backyard or someplace safe where she can run around. Phoebe is a little love bug who is super affectionate and a champion cuddlier. She gets along great with her furry foster siblings but will bark at cats because she wants to play. Phoebe recently had hip surgery and has made a full recovery; running, jumping and playing. Phoebe would love a home with older children and someone who will let her run & play daily.


Ziggy is an gorgeous husky/collie mix, about 2 years old and 50 lbs. He was living outside on a chain when we rescued him - he is adjusting nicely to living indoors and manners training. He is a silly mischievous boy who just wants to be part of a family with a regular routine. His foster home has 3 other huskies and Ziggy especially loves to "husky play" with the youngest one (see video). He is very good-natured, housebroken and loves to sit on the couch to snuggle with you and watch TV. He gets all mushy when you gently massage his beautiful eyes and ears. We are looking for a home that has another young, playful active dog his size and a fully fenced-in (5 ft+) yard - he does chase cats, so a no-feline home would be best. He has a heart of gold and the lucky person who adopts him will have a wonderful companion for life.
Click here to see a video of him playing with his friends.
Thank you Barbara & Jesse for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Murphy is a sweet and adorable 4 month-old male Lab/Shepherd mix. He is a typical happy pup who loves to play and explore. He has a silly personality and will make a wonderful companion to a lucky family.


Burrito is an adorable female Chihuahua/Pug mix, about 8 months old and 10 lbs. She is the sweetest, friendliest little girl who just loves everyone. She is so, so cute - her pictures don't really do her justice. Burrito enjoys playing with her furry foster brother and squeaky toys. She would be thrilled to find a forever home with an owner who is around a lot and another friendly dog her size for her to play with. She is gentle and appropriate with children.
Thank you Brice Russian for sponsoring my vet care!

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Rover is a gorgeous Lab mix, about 2-3 years old. He came to us with an injury (probably hit by a car) and had to have surgery on his hip. He has recovered nicely and it is a joy to see him run around the yard now. He is super sweet and takes treats so gently. He would do best as an only dog.

Courtesy Listings

There are so many dogs that need a home and with Pet Rescue's limited space, we cannot help them all. Please take the time to look at these courtesy listings and if interested, apply directly to the contact listed. Visit your local shelter -- there are many wonderful dogs just waiting for a home to call their own. Click here to view courtesy listings.

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Andy is a 5-8 year-old Shiba Inu with high energy and a very nice personality. He loves to go for nice walks with the volunteers at the facility. On his walks he just loves to “go, go, go”. In the office, he is calm and curious. He is fun to train because he does a lovely sit and makes very nice eye contact with the handler. Unfortunately, Andy has a heart condition but he doesn’t seem to know it. He loves his walks and to just hang out in the office. He would be best in a home as the only dog. We do not know how long Andy has but we would want him to live out his final years, months or days in a home versus a kennel facility where he could be loved and cared for. Andy should not go to a home with cats and prefers to be an only dog.


Chase is a lab/whippet mix, about 3 yrs old and 33 lbs. He is super sweet, totally housebroken, responds well to his name. He loves to cuddle and is playful but not crazy at all. He is friendly with other dogs as seen at the dog park that he frequents. Would be best in a household that will continue his training so that he builds his confidence in being handled by many different people. Super smart and loves the predictability that his training gives him!! A great fine for someone who would love to put in the time!

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Jewels is a beautiful Border Collie mix about 1 year old and weighing about 28 lbs. She is very sweet and friendly and enjoys playing with other dogs. Currently she lives at our facility with another dog and does very nicely. May prefer another dog as a companion if she is home alone for an extended period of time. She is our super star!

Click here to see a video of Jewels


Rachel is an adorable Lab mix pup, about 4 months old. She is very sweet, friendly and playful.
Thank you Judy Woodruff for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Bradley is Pekingese mix, approximately 11 years old and about 15 lbs. He is a cutie but does not like to be cuddled. He is blind with cataracts in both eyes which make his eyes silver in color. He has no teeth so he can only eat soft dog food. He is fully housetrained and will go out in our fully fenced backyard. Bradley will not walk on a leash. He can climb up some steps but will not go down. He is scared by loud noises and a lot of movement around him. He has a strong personality and will bark loudly when he doesn't want to do something. Since he is blind, it will take him a while to learn how to navigate his surroundings. He loves hanging out in a quiet home and is happy being an only dog.


Chen is a yorkie poodle mix that is 2 years old and approximately 8 lbs. Chen recently spent time in a foster home and the foster mom said he is real human selective. He is weary of many men and some woman. At the kennel he has some dogs that he walks with and even plays with but can be dog selective. There are times that he is anxious around strangers and can be reactive. No children should be in the home. Super smart with his training and he would need to stay on a training program to build his confidence with strangers. Experienced dog person will be considered to adopt Chen. Chen seems very appropriate with cats.

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Lenny, male shep mix, is one of Layla's pups born on April 16, 2016. He has been raised with kids, cats, dogs, and lots of activity so he is ready for anything! Lenny has a bold sense of adventure and independence that can't be contained. He loves exploring and playing in the yard, and is looking forward to sharing adventures with his forever family.
Thank you In memory of Deanna Martino for sponsoring my vet care!


Tony is an adorable terrier mix, about 18 months old and 10 lbs. Tony is a delightful boy. He enjoys the other dogs and the one cat in his foster home. He is playful and very well mannered. Tony walks well on a leash and is perfect in the all around wonderful boy.

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Logan, male a shep mix, one of Layla's litter born on April 16th, has been raised with 7 litter mates, kids, cats, and other dogs so nothing phases him. He is a calm puppy who is just as happy to nap by your side as run and play.
Thank you Lisa Hughes for sponsoring my vet care!


Ducky is an adorable Australian Shepherd/Corgi mix, about a year old and 15 lbs. Although a bit shy at first he is such a love. He plays with all of the critters in his foster home and loves exploring the back yard. Ducky is gentle and well behaved. He is excellent on car rides and becoming more comfortable on a leash. He is an all around great pooch.

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If I had to describe Tilly in three words I would say: stunning, athletic, endearing. Her looks are striking. She is a beautiful blond and white dog with eyes that look attentively into her handler’s eyes. She is so attractive; people must stop to say “hello”. She enjoys activity – running with one of our sporty dog volunteers throughout Harrison. She can leap up to a high perch in a yard with little effort. Muscles galore on her lean body make her look like a proficient agility dog. There is a winning adoration for the people she has come to know here at Pet Rescue. She has learned to trust and love people for probably the first time in a long time (or ever). You see she was left abandoned in an apartment with her sibling – both were nearly starved to death when found. Yet she forgives and forgets. Tilly would do best in a home with someone who is dog savvy and can read a dog’s behavior. Tilly is a wonderful communicator and can always tell us when something makes her uncomfortable (like doing her nails).


Luke, male shep mix, is one of Layla's pups born on April 16, 2016. He has been raised with kids, cats, dogs, and lots of activity so he is ready for anything! He's a funny little puppy who likes to play and explore, while remaining calmer and quieter than most of his siblings.

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My name is Luna and I hope my journey fines me at last, a forever home. I am a very special girl that wants to be loved & I will love you right back. I get all excited when my foster Mom comes home greeting her with affection and lots of kisses. I bond with my care giver very quickly. I am totally house trained & can be crated. I am not a chewer. I really need to go with a female-only household as men make me uneasy and I bark at them. Presently I live with 5 cats & 3 other dogs. I sit on my foster Mom's lap & watch T.V. with her. I am not pushy but love to play and run. If you call me I will come and sit right in front of you. I weigh about 50 lbs and I’m about 2 years old. I am a sweet, gentle, teddy bear of a girl.
Thank you Julie Rizzo for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you Happy Birthday Nate and Elliot for sponsoring my vet care!


Meet Toby a beautiful 3 year old bully breed. Toby is a young dog with an old soul. While he has lots of energy, he is also a big mush. He loves to sit on your lap and cuddle with you every opportunity he gets. His foster family says that he is very well mannered, doesn't beg, is good on a leash and is totally housebroken. His favorite activities are to play ball and then take a leisurely nap in the grass. He sits patiently for his treats and takes them with a soft mouth. He loves ice cubes and will fetch them out of his water bowl. Toby came to us from a very sad situation. He lived in a loving home with 2 children and two dogs. Unfortunately, his human passed away and because of his size, he came to live with us.

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Chandler is an approximate 4 month old lab mix who doesn’t seem like he will be a big dog. He is very sweet and adores his humans. He also loves other dogs and cats - the cats have given him some good "schooling"! Chandler is submissive and gentle. He tends to be timid and should be with an experienced dog owner to help him get over it. Cuddles and playing with his sister and foster dogs are his favorite activity. He is very close to being potty trained and is crate trained. He is starting to get used to the leash. Chandler is a terrific puppy!
Thank you Carol Holley for sponsoring my vet care!


Skip is a very happy and energetic dog. He and some other fellow pet rescue residents are best buds. We are working on some of his excitable behavior so we recommend no children and someone who will follow through with his training. He especially loves long walks or hikes and would thrive with another dog as a companion. The best person for Skip would be a patient individual who could teach him that humans are all good and caring.

Thank you Happy Birthday Caroline from Cathy for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you Happy Birthday Caroline from Cathy for sponsoring my vet care!

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Mona is a beautiful approximate 1 year old 47 pound shepherd mix. She is the wonderful mom of the M puppies and is ready for her happily ever after. She came to us starving and emaciated with a litter of 8 puppies, but with a lot of love and care from our volunteers, she has put on weight and is doing amazingly well. Mona loves to play and run at the dog park and to spend a lot of time with her doting foster Dad.


Meet Chloe - she is a beautiful Australian shepherd /cattle dog mix. Her unique blue and brown eyes will melt your heart. She is about 3-4 years old. She came to Pet Rescue with 9 pups that have all since been adopted. It is now her turn to find her forever happiness. She loves to be next to her foster mom and follow her around the house. She is very quiet in her foster home and doing well on her house breaking. She will make someone a very happy loyal companion.

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Ocho is a Schnauzer/Scottie mix, about 2 years old and 18 lbs. He is a spunky fellow who is waiting for his forever home. He has a light shedding coat and needs to work on his housetraining (though, now that he is neutered, we expect that to come along quickly). A handsome boy with great coloring - beautiful light highlights throughout his coat. Ocho is fine with cats and can be dog selective but has made a nice friend at the kennel facility.


Tish is pure mush - she is super sweet and not a mean bone in her body! She is a beautiful hound mix, about 5 year old and 50 lbs.She loves human attention. When she came to her new foster home, she fit right in learning the routine immediately. When tired she goes in her crate to rest. She loves to play with toys that are squeaky and soft, bones are next in line. She would love to be with another dog that is up for a good chase. She loves walks and follows her nose wherever it leads her. A secure, fenced-in yard would be great so she can stretch her long legs and explore. She loves children and good with cats also.

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Piper is an adorable female Rat Terrier mix, about 2 years old and 10 lbs. She is very sweet and friendly and gets along very well with other small dogs. She has adjusted beautifully to her new foster home and enjoys her furry and human siblings. Piper loves to be with her people and is very gentle with children. She seems to be housebroken and sleeps quietly throughout the night.
Thank you Brice Russian for sponsoring my vet care!


Lucy, female shep mix, is a lovely little lady with long white socks and lots of personality. She is playful and energetic, loves to wrestle and give loads of kisses. One of Layla's pups born on April 16th and raised with kids, dogs, cats, and plenty of yard time, this puppy is ready for anything life has to offer.
Thank you Katherine O'Connor for sponsoring my vet care!

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Matt is a handsome boy, he looks like a Carolina Dog mix but we're not sure. He is about 10-12 months old and 41lbs. One of his eyes is part blue. He is very sweet and on the shy side so he should go to a home with another dog. Matt is enjoying life in his new foster home with his new foster siblings and running around the yard with his friends. He is housebroken if kept on a schedule and sleeps through the night on his foster mom's bed.
Thank you Daryl Thompson for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you David Hart for sponsoring my vet care!


Littlebit, female shep mix, was born on April 16, 2016 and was the littlest of Layla's puppies. She has since caught up with the rest of her siblings. She is equal parts playful pup and cuddle-bear. Raised with kids, dogs, cats and lots of love, Littlebit has proven to be an equal opportunity cuddler.
Thank you Brice Russian for sponsoring my vet care!

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Willa is a mix of a mix, maybe Lab/Coonhound? We're not sure but whatever mix she is, she is darn cute! Willa is about 2 years old and 50 lbs - a very sweet girl who wants to crawl up into your lap. She gets along with other dogs and seems to be housebroken as she keeps her kennel clean. One look in those eyes and you can't help fall in love! Come and meet her.

Foster a Dog!

Thinking of adopting but not sure you are ready for the commitment? Want to save a life and be rewarded in wagging tails and kisses? Try fostering and become a part of Westchester Magazine's Best Animal Rescue Group 2008.

Pet Rescue does not have a shelter and relies entirely on the generosity of foster homes to care for our dogs. The number of foster homes we have dictates the number of dogs we can save. There are always more waiting for rescue.

The average foster lasts just a couple of weeks and all dogs are screened for health and temperament. We provide basic supplies, veterinary care, and guidance. You provide love, training and a home. It is the care and attention given by foster families which allow Pet Rescue to expertly match our dogs with prospective families.

If you live in Westchester or Southern Fairfield counties and would be willing to care for a foster dog, please submit an application. Fostering is a fun and immensely rewarding experience! Click here to see how much love you get from being a foster parent!

Email us with any questions or for more information.

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Admiral is a gorgeous Tree Walker Coonhound approximately 3 years old. He is a bit underweight but gaining weight steadily. He's graceful and elegant and can be extremely shy in new situations or with new people. Admiral is adorable but will run or hide when he is anxious. He has floppy ears and a sweet disposition once he gets to know you. Admiral loves and must be homed with other dogs. He would do best in a home with a dog and a patient person that can help him become more confident.


Margo is an adorable Lab mix pup, about 35 lbs and around 5 1/2 months old. She is super sweet with a gentle, easy-going personality. She is friendly with all - people, other dogs and cats too. She is playful and housebroken too. An all-around great dog!

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Sally is a beautiful Hound mix, about 1-2 years old and around 45 lbs. She has a very sweet temperament and in a very short time made herself very comfortable in her new foster home. Sally is housebroken, great with kids and enjoys playing with her furry foster siblings. She is very motivated by food which is great for training but will surf the counters if given the opportunity. Sally was cat tested and will do nicely if the cat has a strong disposition.


Calliope is a gorgeous and sweet female Lab/Shepherd mix pup, about 12 weeks old. She is such a little doll - when she's not running around like the spunky, playful pup she is, she flips right over on her back waiting for belly rubs. Calliope is completely paper trained and gets along very well with her furry foster siblings. She would love to be in family with other dogs and children.
Thank you Lucy Adelson for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Cody is an adorable Lab/Shepherd mix, about 6 months old and 47 lbs. He is very sweet and friendly. He does need some manners training but is responding very nicely to treat training. He is a good, smart, happy boy with lots of love to give.