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before applying for a dog to learn more about our adoption process.

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Chad is an adorable 35lb, 1 year old male Terrier Mix. Chad and his brother came to us and were not used to being around people all the time. They have come out of their shell and are doing nicely. They enjoy playtime in the yard and can be separated. Both are working on their leash walking and potty training.
Thank you Kevin Grehan for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!


C-uddly, L-oving, A-gile, R-eady for family, E-ager to please

This acronym describes me, CLARE. I’m a 1 year old female hound mix, weighing about 40 lbs. I love adults, children, dogs, and cats. I’m house broken. I love the security of my crate when the family is away. I sleep in my own bed on the floor of my family’s room. I am shy when I meet new people and in new situations. I’m looking for a family with another dog to be my friend and a backyard where we can run and play. I don’t like to walk on a leash but I am learning to tolerate it. I’m an easy dog to have around.

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Dweight is an adorable male Lab/Shepherd Mix. He is about 4 years old and grew up with his brother Blaine. Dweight is eager to please and warming up to all the humans in the kennel. He loves the attention and is working on his leash manners and potty training.


Dupree is a handsome Lab mix boy, about 2 years old. He has a typical happy Lab personality with the most adorable Basset legs. He sleeps in a crate has a cushion he rests on in the living room, or on the rug. He is very smart and is easily trained...he sits, lays down, rolls over, sits and stays. Dupree needs to go to a home with no small children. He needs to be an only dog since he does not get along with other dogs. Otherwise, he is a perfect boy.
Thank you in honor of Jessica Stadler's birthday for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Ellie is a gorgeous, sweet 1 year old Lab/Hound Mix. She is 45 Lbs. She is housebroken and knows basic commands. This goofy girl is lively and playful and will make you smile. She is one of those happy go lucky girls. She is not great with some dogs on the leash, but once she warms up to them, she loves other dogs. Since she still has a lot of puppy energy, she would be better off in an adult home or a home with older children. She rides well in the car, too.

Foster a Dog!

Thinking of adopting but not sure you are ready for the commitment? Want to save a life and be rewarded in wagging tails and kisses? Try fostering and become a part of Westchester Magazine's Best Animal Rescue Group 2008.

Pet Rescue does not have a shelter and relies entirely on the generosity of foster homes to care for our dogs. The number of foster homes we have dictates the number of dogs we can save. There are always more waiting for rescue.

The average foster lasts just a couple of weeks and all dogs are screened for health and temperament. We provide basic supplies, veterinary care, and guidance. You provide love, training and a home. It is the care and attention given by foster families which allow Pet Rescue to expertly match our dogs with prospective families.

If you live in Westchester or Southern Fairfield counties and would be willing to care for a foster dog, please submit an application. Fostering is a fun and immensely rewarding experience! Click here to see how much love you get from being a foster parent!

Email us with any questions or for more information.

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Click here for more photos


Diesel is a handsome 1 year old male Boxer Mix. He is a good boy, but needs basic manners training. He is eager to please, but requires an experienced handler that can continue with his training. He is not a fan of other dogs, so he would prefer to be your one and only!


Owen is a gorgeous male Cocker Spaniel around 5 years old. He is a happy people loving boy. He can deal with other dogs, he just does not want to live with them. People on the other hand, he goes gaga for!! He would make a great companion for an empty nester or someone looking for a companion. He is happiest as a lap dog and will do best where he can be the center of someone's world.
Thank you In memory of Frances O'Keefe for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you Laurieanne DeLitta for sponsoring my vet care!

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Bo is awesome and a ready-made companion. He likes cats, dogs, people - you name it. He's friendly, house trained and knows his basic commands. He is a little strong on the leash when walking. Bo came to Pet Rescue after his human mom passed away - she was a dedicated transport driver, literally saving thousands of dogs from euthanasia in the South. Many of those dogs came to Pet Rescue and we are committed to finding Bo the most perfect home. He's 8 years old, but he has the spirit of a young dog. In his foster home, he sleeps at night in a dog bed and is not crated when the people go out. He's living with two other Pet Rescue dogs - both a male and a female. And Bo is such a good sport, he lets the little 15 lb. dog jump on him all day. Bo is a big old mush-ball. If you want easy and lovable, Bo's your man.
Thank you Laurie Silber for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!


Madison is a gorgeous chocolate lab mix with the cutest white socks on 3 paws, a white breastplate and a little white tip on the end of her tail. She is about 5 years old and weighs in at 60 pounds. Madison is the sweetest dog. She is calm and lounges around when her foster family needs quiet time but Madison also loves to play fetch. Squeaky balls are her absolute favorite. She also gets so excited for a nice, long walk and she is great on the leash. She adores everyone she meets in or out of the house and at the end of the day she’ll curl up on her special spot and sleep the night away. She is completely housebroken and knows sit, down and stay. Madison would prefer to be the only pet so she can be the center of your world. Madison is a truly special dog who would love to show you how wonderful she is!

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Treasure is an adorable 8 month old female Beagle mix, about 21 lbs. She is an outgoing girl and very playful. She is currently learning some basic training. She is a bouncy and very happy girl. Her long legs make her look very graceful.
Thank you Trudi Davis for sponsoring my vet care!


Dodger is a sweetheart of a dog and loves being just a dog. He looks like a Lhasa Apso mix, about 5 years old and 18 lbs. Dodger is a mellow, low energy boy and lives in a foster home with 4 other dogs, but would probably like being in a quiet home. He's house trained, loves going for walks, and rides well in the car. Dodger is a sensitive dog that can be a little shy and react to fast movements. No children should be in the household for that reason. Someone that is dog savvy and knows the Lhasa bred personality would be ideal. They need to show Dodger the world is a safe place and trusting people is new to him. His foster mom thinks he's doing great now; and really wants to please, he just needs a patient person.

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Pecan is an adorable 2 year old male Pug/Jack Russell mix, around 20 lbs. He is sweet and affectionate with his humans. He can be funny with some dogs, so it's probably best that he be the only dog. He would love to find a home with a nice lap to curl up on!
Thank you Julie Rizzo for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!


Brad is an adorable 35 lb, 1 year old male Terrier Mix. He is a good boy that is eager to please. He enjoys playing in the yard with his brother Chad, but they can be separated without issue. He is working on his leash walking and housebreaking.
Thank you Kevin Grehan for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Jack is a sweet, spunky 1 1/2 year old Jagdterrier. At home he is a couch potato: enjoys being with you to snuggle or play with his toys. His favorite activity is running at the dog park, which is does daily. He is exceedingly fast. He needs a fenced in yard and a family with kids 8 years old and up to play with. Living with another dog would be a plus for him. Jack has a strong personality, and is a terrier so an experienced dog owner is a must. He is housebroken and knows basic commands. He is patiently waiting for that special somebody to take him home to love.

Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop is 7lb apricot mini poodle 12 years. more than anything loves to be held and feels most safe on your lap. He gets along with other dogs. Likes to go for walks. Good in the car. He is working on his house breaking. A true lap dog!

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Shorty is a sweet and playful mixed-breed terrier, who has had to deal with some special “challenges.” Abandoned as a puppy, she spent the first two years of her life in a cage and was passed around for much of the next three. Because of an untreated ear infection, she is now completely deaf and also takes medication for a skin allergy. Despite it all, she is the sweetest, most gentle and affectionate dog you will ever meet. As is the case with many deaf dogs, she likes to be in constant close proximity with her owner when inside the home. And although Shorty is not an incessant barker, she sometimes barks in frustration and would not be an ideal apartment dweller. A home with another dog to play with or a person who is home a lot would be perfect. Shorty has never been handled as a deaf dog, but she could benefit from someone who is interested in understanding how deafness is experienced by dogs, and who could learn then teach her a few simple signs. Shorty is cuddly and loves adults, children and other dogs. She is fine with cats too. She may sometimes bark at someone passing by, but once she is familiar with an environment that behavior stops. She enjoys brisk walks on the leash and is very responsive.


Pete is super gentle for such a big guy. He is about 2 1/2 years old and quite a mix: his ears look like a hound's, his long nose looks sort of like a collie or a dobie, his body look like a greyhound and with his long legs he runs like a pony. Pete is a member of a group of dogs called Sight Hounds since he looks for things with his eyes and not his nose.For all of his size he loves to snuggle and is still quite a puppy. He is living with other dogs and has play dates with still more. He really likes to play and romp in the yard. Pete loves playing and rolling in the water. His swimming skills have not been tested yet but he certainly loves to get wet. He is very respectful of the older dogs who may not have his energy. Pete is wonderful with children. He is totally housebroken and beyond the chewing stage. He is working diligently on mastering leash walking skills. Pete would love an active family to call his own.

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Ryleigh is the sweetest, and most gentle lady. She is a 12 pound chihuahua around 8 years old. Ryleigh was used as a breeding dog and then discarded. Now in a loving home she just loves to be held, watch a little TV and be pampered. Ryeleigh gets along with all the other critters in her foster home although she is quite happy being with the adults who care for her. She would love a home where she will be safe and loved. She is a really good leash walker and loves her walks, but overall she is a quiet dog that is not very high energy. She adapts easily to change and just goes with the flow. She is a real love!
Thank you in memory of Erich Aulfinger for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!


Malibu is an gorgeous 1 year old female Australian Cattle Mix. She is sweet, smart and gets along well with other dogs. Check out her video playing with Fredrick. She is eager to please and will make a great companion.
Click here to see a video of Malibu and Freddie playing.
Thank you Kevin Grehan for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Luke is a good natured, happy-go-lucky pup who likes to give kisses and makes friends quickly. He is energetic but not hyper and while he will occasionally play with a toy or ball, he's mostly a people dog. A pit bull mix, we think he could be a poster boy for his breed. Only a year old and 52 pounds, he was recently found abandoned on the streets of Brooklyn and ended up in the city's shelter system. His evaluation gave him an excellent behavior rating and cited no medical issues but he ended up on the euthanasia list simply because there are too many dogs and not enough homes. Pet Rescue decided to pull him because of his easy-going nature - so much so that he was used as a "helper" in the shelter to test the temperament of other dogs. He's been a favorite at his boarding kennels because he's always happy to see visitors and is so easy to put on the leash and take for a walk. Because he's not a big fan of large crowds and loud noises (elevated subway trains scare him), the city is probably not the place for him. He responds well to treats and has already learned his first command - "sit." He shows no aggression, isn't possessive of his food, and doesn't seem to be a barker, even in his kennel. The only time we've heard him bark was when he tried to get another dog to play with him.
Click here to watch a video of Luke.


Pharaoh is a great dog. He is about 2 1/2 yrs old and 70lbs. We believe he is a Great Dane/Greyhound mix. He likes his humans, and plays well with some dogs, mostly female. He knows how to sit, shake, stay and lay down. He is strong on a leash, but with a little training he can be a wonderful pet. He was turned in by his owner when he became too ill to care for him any longer and love to find an active home that will be his forever home.

Click here to watch a video of Pharaoh.

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Patricia is a 1-2 Cattle Mix. It would be best if she were the only dog in the home unless they are experienced dog people. No Cats for this Girl! She adores running in the dog park, especially chasing thrown balls. She is good with people & other dogs & completely housebroken. She is a working dog & would probably be great in agility classes!
Thank you In loving memory of Gerald Loeb for sponsoring my vet care!

Kung Pow

Kung Pow is a wonderful, very sweet little 14 lb boy who has lots of love to give. He was adopted by a very loving family when he was 8 yo, but was just recently returned after being with them for 5 years. He had allergy issues and after changing his food and treating his skin & ears with medication, he's doing great. Kung Pow has been a delight in his foster home (which also has 6 other dogs and 5 cats). He's house trained and sleeps in his dog bed until you wake him up in the morning. Kung Pow is 13 years old and would be a constant companion to an older couple or a quiet family.

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This little love bug is Ernie. He loves to be close to anyone who comes his way. He came to us from the South under very sad circumstances. His owner passed away and she was our transporter. She was dedicated to saving the lives of our dogs and puppies and always made sure they were brought here safely. Ernie is 8 years old and full of life. He gets along well with the other fosters and loves to play with all of them. He is great with cats too. He is completely house trained and will let you know when he has to go out. Ernie is looking forward to being adopted into a loving and caring home.
Thank you In memory of our friend Oliver-Barry,Henny,Ruby&Spike for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!


Selma is a bit of a special needs pup - but don't tell her that. A 3-year-old Gordon Setter mix, she is a calm, sweet and gentle soul who loves everyone and everything. She weighs about 50 lbs. and is, of course, totally housebroken. Her only issue is that she has been diagnosed with a swallowing disorder and needs to be fed only soft food or she is likely to spit up. She gets along great with dogs and cats but if she isn't the only dog in her new home, you'd want to find a way to not tempt her with treats she can't have. She loves to relax at home or go for an easy walk. She is not demanding at all, just sweet and loving with big brown and soulful eyes.

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Prada is such a cute and sweet petite beagle. She is just beginning to blossom in her foster home. She gets along with all other dogs and loves to play with them in the yard. She shares her toys and treats willingly. Prada walks well on a leash. She is not a "barky" girl but does let us know when there is some one at the door. She sleeps all night on her own bed and seems to be housebroken. Prada would love a gentle family who will take the time to help her come out of her shell and become the great dog she was meant to be. Because of her shy nature, she will need a securely fenced yard and we are not recommending she go to a home with small children.
Thank you Andrea Russell for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you JoAnne Novak for sponsoring my vet care!


Sally is an adorable female chihuhua mix. She is a cutie and on the shy side at first. Although shy, her feisty nature shows once she gets acclimated. She is about 12 pounds and enjoys lots of exercise. She does walk on the leash pretty well. Her foster mom takes her and her big lab/mix foster brother hiking or to the golf course every day and she lives for this. She adores her foster brother and follows him everywhere. She is afraid of large groups of dogs and a bit skittish around other people initially, but not at all aggressive. She is totally housebroken. It has been wonderful to see her come out of her shell. She has such a cute way about her. She loves to be with her foster Family at meals, watching TV and she is a cuddler. Her foster mom takes her in the car very often and she is great, loves looking out the window. She will make a loyal, loving and very smart companion for life.
Thank you Jodi Roth for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Tara is an adorable Collie mix. She is about 10 months old and 35lbs. She could use to gain a few pounds. She is very sweet, playful and gets along well with other dogs. She has a gorgeous, unique coat and loves belly rubs. She will make a wonderful pet for any active family.


Blaine is a gorgeous 1 year old male Husky Mix. He loves to chew on his bone and play in the yard with his toys. He is eager to please and loves all humans he comes in contact with. He is a bit strong, so we recommend he go with older children.
Thank you Julie Rizzo for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Kensy is a gorgeous Beagle mix, about 2 years old and weighs about 25 lbs. She is housebroken (and crate trained). Kensy is a bit timid, but once she warms up to you, she is a big coach potato, loves to run and play. She's very sweet and loves to cuddle up with her foster mom every chance she gets. Kensy is friendly with others dogs and loves to play with lots of toys. She is very active and needs a home with a fenced in yard - and another dog to play with would be great. She also rides well in the car.
Thank you In honor of Jason's 11th birthday for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!


Snoopy is a 2 yr old Chihuahua mix. His foster mom said he is a very easy, well-behaved dog. He needs a few minutes to warm up to new people and sometimes barks while he is getting settled, but once he knows you he loves to be held and has no problem being toted around! He follows his foster mom around the house. He is housebroken and he sleeps peacefully through the night in his crate and is just looking for his forever person. He enjoys his trips in the car with his foster mommy and accompanies her to work most days. He gets along with other small dogs and LOVES to play with his squeaky toys! Due to his size he should not go to a home with young children.
Watch A Video of SNOOPY

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Click here for more photos

Courtesy Listings

There are so many dogs that need a home and with Pet Rescue's limited space, we cannot help them all. Please take the time to look at these courtesy listings and if interested, apply directly to the contact listed. Visit your local shelter -- there are many wonderful dogs just waiting for a home to call their own. Click here to view courtesy listings.


Freddie is an adorable Lab/Hound mix, about a year old. He is very friendly, outgoing and playful - still very much a puppy. Freddie is deaf but it does not stop him from being a normal dog. He loves the company of other dogs and would do best in a home with another dog. He knows some hand signals too. Once you meet him, you can't help but fall in love with this goofy boy!
Click here to see a video of Freddie playing.
Thank you Melissa Merchant for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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