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Please read our FAQ page
before applying for a dog to learn more about our adoption process.

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Harley is an adorable male Bichon/Poodle mix, about 1 1/2 years old and 15 lbs. Very sweet and friendly and loves attention. He is a little scared right now around the big dogs. We think he would be better as an only dog in an adult home or with older kids.

Foster a Dog!

Thinking of adopting but not sure you are ready for the commitment? Want to save a life and be rewarded in wagging tails and kisses? Try fostering and become a part of Westchester Magazine's Best Animal Rescue Group 2008.

Pet Rescue does not have a shelter and relies entirely on the generosity of foster homes to care for our dogs. The number of foster homes we have dictates the number of dogs we can save. There are always more waiting for rescue.

The average foster lasts just a couple of weeks and all dogs are screened for health and temperament. We provide basic supplies, veterinary care, and guidance. You provide love, training and a home. It is the care and attention given by foster families which allow Pet Rescue to expertly match our dogs with prospective families.

If you live in Westchester or Southern Fairfield counties and would be willing to care for a foster dog, please submit an application. Fostering is a fun and immensely rewarding experience! Click here to see how much love you get from being a foster parent!

Email us with any questions or for more information.

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Click here for more photos


This is Kenzy, an adorable, loving and smart beagle mix who’s approx. 2 years old and weighs about 30 pounds. She’s got a lot going for her: intelligent, learns new commands quickly, housebroken, crate trained, a cuddle bug, loves to run and play with other dogs, is friendly with cats and rides well in a car. At the end of the day she loves nothing more than to rest her head on your lap and sleep. I could go on forever describing all her good points. Unfortunately she’s been with Pet Rescue for about a year because she is shy when meeting people or in new or different surroundings. But because she’s so intelligent she quickly figures out that new people mean her no harm and she warms up within a short time. Because of her shyness , she did not do well at previous “Meet and Greets” or at the kennel, but take it from her foster mom, she’ll bond with you quickly and will follow you around everywhere. Kenzy is also sensitive to loud noises, even happy loud noises like cheering for your favorite sports team on the TV. She’d do best in a home with adults and older children and another dog in the home to help with her shyness. Kenzy deserves a loving home of her own. If you give her that chance, you won’t be disappointed.
Thank you In honor of Jason's 11th birthday for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!


Bentley is a lively and cuddly puppy that is happiest when she is in her human's lap. She is about 5 months old and 25lbs. She is getting good at fetch, sit, and using the bathroom exclusively outside. She is crate trained and doesn't mind taking snoozes throughout the day when her humans cannot watch her, as long as you rub her belly when you get back. She likes to watch tv (if you rub her belly) and sit with you while you do work or chores. She is a polka dotted ball of energy and love and would be well with any human that enjoys endless puppy kisses.

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C-uddly, L-oving, A-gile, R-eady for family, E-ager to please

This acronym describes me, CLARE. I’m almost 2 years old female hound mix, weighing about 60 lbs. I love adults, children, dogs, and cats. I’m house broken. I love the security of my crate when the family is away. I sleep in my own bed on the floor of my family’s room. I am shy when I meet new people and in new situations. I’m looking for a family with another dog to be my friend and a backyard where we can run and play. I don’t like to walk on a leash but I am learning to tolerate it. I’m an easy dog to have around.


Riley is a quiet, calm and gentle boy who loves nothing more than a pat on the head and a lap to climb in. A 50-pound pit mix, he might not look like a lap dog but don't tell him that. He will find a way. He wants to meet everyone, walks well on a leash, and tries very hard to please. If you tell him "no," he listens. His foster family had both dogs and cats and he was good with them all. Riley has had a rough first year of life as he was found emaciated with his sister Tiley in a vacant apartment. However, he is very forgiving and doesn’t mind the extra food he's getting to gain weight. His ideal home would be with a person who needs a lot of cuddling and has a fenced-in yard where he can play. Because he can get car sick on long rides, he would prefer a family that will spend time at home with him and go for long walks. Someone who likes peace and quiet will love Riley - he doesn’t bark!

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Prada is such a cute and sweet petite beagle. She is just beginning to blossom in her foster home. She gets along with all other dogs and loves to play with them in the yard. She shares her toys and treats willingly. Prada walks well on a leash. She is not a "barky" girl but does let us know when there is someone at the door. She sleeps all night on her own bed and seems to be housebroken. Prada would love a gentle family who will take the time to help her come out of her shell and become the great dog she was meant to be. Due to her shy nature, we are not recommending she go to a home with small children. She will need a securely fenced yard and another calm dog would be ideal.
Thank you Andrea Russell for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you JoAnne Novak for sponsoring my vet care!


This adorable girl is about 1-2 years old and 40 lbs. She is a collie mix with a very sweet personality. She is totally house broken and great in the home. She does not do well with other dogs on leash. She is a wonderful girl that loves life and makes you smile. She loves getting her belly rubbed and crawls into your lap where she will stay quietly and hang out with you. She loves to play fetch and will aways bring her toy back to you.

Thank you Julie Rizzo for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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Ernie is a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier, 7 years old and about 10 pounds. He would make a great companion for empty nesters or a young family with older kids.


Lucas is a beautiful American Bull Terrier mix, about a year old and 72 lbs. He is very sweet, affectionate and playful. He is friendly with people and dogs - but seems much too interested in cats. This goofy boy would love to show you his affection and snuggle up with you or go for long walks. He will be just as happy to do either. He really just wants to please.

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Courtesy Listings

There are so many dogs that need a home and with Pet Rescue's limited space, we cannot help them all. Please take the time to look at these courtesy listings and if interested, apply directly to the contact listed. Visit your local shelter -- there are many wonderful dogs just waiting for a home to call their own. Click here to view courtesy listings.


Blanche is an adorable 10-month old pup, around 25 lbs. She is a little on the shy side but warms up slowly. This sweet little girl will need a quiet home with not too much activity and another friendly dog. She is just adorable and will bloom once comfortable.

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Velvet is an 8 years young, very sweet beagle/spaniel mix. She is very quiet in her foster home and gets along with all her foster siblings. She loves people, and is not shy meeting new people. She loves to sit with her foster mom and cuddle on the couch. She walks extremely well on the leash and does not pull. She does have a medical condition which is managed very well with one pill per day, which she takes easily in her food. She is playful in the yard, but very well mannered and laid back. She is the perfect lady for someone looking for a companion.


Shyla is an adorable Aussie/Border Collie mix pup, about 8 months old and 30 lbs. She is a little on the shy side but very sweet. This girl has a lot of the herding breed traits and would love to find a home that knows and loves the breed. She is not only stunningly beautiful, but also sweet and smart.

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Kourtney is the mom to the five Dash Babies now posted. She is sweet, lovable and a young mom herself. She is playful and loving and loves to be around her people. She also loves to play with the other dogs in her foster home. She is a good girl, working on her house training and crate training. Once the babies are weened she will make a wonderful pet.


Baxter is a beautiful Beagle mix, about 1-2 years old and 38 lbs. You have heard of the class clown, well Baxter is the kennel clown. He is just so fun to watch, train and be around. Sometimes when we are cleaning the kennels, we let Baxter run through the aisles. His favorite past time is to take toys from baskets, run and play with them then return them to their appropriate container. He also loves to just run up and down the aisles!! He will check in with each person as if to say “hi” I am here.

Besides being a laugh a minute to watch, he is so awesome to train. He can patiently “wait” for his food, a toy or a door to be opened. He will wait for a release to take or do what he so wants or needs.

Our little man would thrive in a private home with a yard and many toys! A household with older children would be best because of his energy. However, he loves young children as observed when a child greets him during meet and greets.

Come meet our handsome boy at Harrison and fall in love with our funny little man.

Thank you in honor of Celeste's 50th birthday for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you Anna Lazare for sponsoring my vet care!

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Jake is a loving little guy. He is about 9 years old and 18lbs. He is housebroken, gets along with other dogs and wants nothing more then to be by your side. He loves long walks or to just curl up next to you. He is in a foster home with another dog and they get along very well. He will do well in a family of any kind that showers him with the love he deserves.


Bradley is an adorable Pekinese mix, approximately 7 years old and about 15 lbs. He has been living in a foster home with 2 other dogs. He is blind and needs time to adjust to new people and environments. He gets scared easily by loud noises and as a defense mechanism, will growl and bark. Bradley prefers an adult only home and could benefit from another calm dog to follow. Bradley is waiting to start his new life in his forever home. Could it be you?

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Betsy is a beautiful 3-4 year old Collie mix. She is a very sweet gentle dog, completely housebroken & easy to walk on the leash. She is comfortable with all dogs but shy with humans. Once she knows you, she wags her tail and is so happy to see you. She needs to be in a calm, quiet adult-only home.


Scarlett is a beautiful Beagle mix, about 2 years old and around 30 lbs. Very sweet and friendly. She gets along great with her sister and would love to find a home of her own.

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Ozzie is a wirehaired terrier mix, about 6 years old and 17 lbs. He is very sweet and friendly. We suspect that this sweet little boy was terribly abused and he still loves everybody he meets as though they are his best friends. Due to the previous abuse, his back is arched and he'll need a quiet home where he can just be a couch potato and hang out with you.