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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


is a sweet tabby and white kitten, about 9-10 weeks old. He's affectionate, friendly and very playful.


Zaya is a 3 year old tabby female with a calm, sweet and affectionate personality. Rescued from the street with her kittens, this former Mama cat is spayed and in excellent health. All she needs now is a loving home to call her very own. Rescued in 2011.


Zeke is a sleek, black purring machine! He is an explorer who scopes out his surroundings before he decides which lap to try. Zeke loves all kinds of toys, snoozing by the computer and wrestling with his sister, Zoe (also available for adoption). Born around late Sept. 2012, Zeke is great with dogs, other cats and enjoys the affection of his humans. Rescued in 2012.


Zelda is an unusual and beautiful 4 year-old pastel calico long hair kitty. She was doted on by the restaurant staff of a recently closed eatery in Mamaroneck. Sweet, low key and easy maintenance, this striking feline gets along well with other cats and resides now in a foster home while waiting for a loving permanent place to call her own. Rescued in 2013.

Zena & Zoe

Zena & Zoe are adorable little sisters, about 7 weeks old. They are used to other cats and dogs too. They are very sweet, playful and cuddly - they start purring as soon as you pick them up. They come running to greet you when you come home and are just the sweetest little girls.


Ziggy is a one year old orange tabby, found skinny and starving on the streets. Very sweet and affectionate, Ziggy has been well cared for and is now in great health. Neutered and up to date with all vaccinations, Ziggy will be an asset in your home. Rescued in 2011.


Ziggy is a warm and wonderful young male tabby, about 1 1/2 years old. Sweet and gentle, our Ziggy is a bit shy at first but responds beautifully to a soft touch. He loves to be petted and only wants to be your true feline companion. Rescued in 2013.


Zip is one big bundle of love in search of a new home, as his human owner is moving to Europe and sadly cannot take him with him. This luscious 5 year old male black cat has been living happily with three other cats in his owner's home. An indoors/outdoors kitty, Zip is gentle and sweet and would be good with children. He loves his cat treats and will make a wonderful companion for any family. Neutered, up to date with vaccinations, Zip is in excellent health. To meet Zip, please contact David at Rescued in 2012.

Ziva & Zee

Ziva (black & white) is about 11 weeks old now. She was our runt and doing great!.Only 5 ounces when we got her. Sweet loving playful little girl. Zee (grey/white) is her older cousin by 10 days. Zee was more standoffish, but we found out if you just chill...she comes over to you and will lay with you for hours. They are extremely bonded and must be adopted together. To meet these two sweet kittens, please contact Gail at Rescued in 2015.


Zoe is an adorable female black and white kitten. Zoe is nervous at first, but once she gets used to you and everything around her she is very sweet and friendly. She sneaks up on her siblings and is always romping around with them. She loves her mama and has her mom's big round eyes. She enjoys being petted behind her ears. Her mother Skky is also listed.


Zoe enjoys draping herself around your shoulders and neck so she can nuzzle your cheek. She is an extremely friendly, confident girl with beautiful classic tabby markings. Zoe likes to be part of the family and watch TV with you as she snuggles on your lap. She is great with dogs, other cats and especially likes playing with her brother, Zeke (also available for adoption). Zoe was born around late Sept. 2012. Rescued in 2012.


Zoe is an adorable Russian Blue mix, about a year old. She is very sweet and gentle - she loves to be held and to snuggle. She is gorgeous! Rescued in 2014.

Zoe & Chloe

We are Zoe the Gray Tabby and my sister, Chloe, the White and Gray Tabby. We need a new home as my owner has to travel and she's become allergic to us. We have the sweetest dispositions and we are so affectionate. Zoe is a clown . . . she loves to take out all her toys and lie in them. She loves to play and talk to you. Chloe is more relaxed . . . all she wants is to be near you. We have never been separated and would be very sad if we were, as we keep each other company and play all day long. We don't bite, we use the kitty litter and are very clean. Only three years old, we have all our shots and are very healthy. Please give us a new loving home. To meet us, please email

Zoe, Bear & Petey

Zoe, Bear and Petey are Naya's three remaining kittens (two boys and one girl). Born April 8, 2011, these darling kittens are incredibly sweet and very well socialized. They have perfect use of the litter box and are now ready for a permanent loving home. Rescued in 2011.


Pick me, pick me! Zoey is an big tabby girl who is friendly and sweet! Rescued in 2011.


Zoey is a three year old rescue who was adopted by her current owners at a few weeks old. She is declawed, spayed and is litter box trained. Zoey is very affectionate and loving. She enjoys cuddling, playing with her favorite toy, sitting on the windowsill, or in the sun and being brushed. Zoey is not a big fan of heights (the highest she will jump is the couch or the bed). She warms up to people quickly. Unfortunately, her current owners newborn son is allergic to her and need to find her a new home. To meet Zoey, contact Rescued in 2014.


If you like Torties, you will like Zoey! She is 6 years old and shares a home with Layla, also featured on this website. Both of these kitties need to find a new home due to an unfortunate family circumstance. Zoey is very friendly and loves to be petted. She will cuddle with you and greet you everyday when you come home. Zoey loves to sit in the sun and play. In good health (may need some dental cleaning), spayed and up to date with all shots, Zoey will warm up to a new human quickly. Please contact Diane at or call 914-589-1663 Rescued in 2015.


This handsome little boy was found all alone, he most likely wandered away from his mom and couldn't find his way back. Born late May, Zoolander is a healthy, happy purring little flirt. He has large olive colored eyes that smile and wink. His distinctive markings are silver tabby base with black washed over, his eyes are lined in white. Judging by his little beard and the fluff coming out of his ears he probably has some Maine Coon mix. He's gentle, loving and friendly and would love a permanent home. vc Rescued in 2015.


Every litter has one, that kitten that's a little bigger, a little rounder and fuller. Zorro is that kitten among Tabitha's litter. At just 8 weeks old (as of March 22, 2015) he's a bundle of roly poly energy, very friendly and eager to make new friends. It's fun to watch his goofy kitten antics. Like his littermates, Zorro is micro-chipped and has had his first series of kitten shots. Rescued in 2015.


Zorro is an old soul and retired from the arts of swashbuckling. He now wants the quiet life of gentle company. He likes soft warm spots, and prefers small and long chats. Due to his fighting past lives, Zorro now prefers to surround himself with calm company and warm understanding hearts who will give him time to ease into a long companionship. df Rescued in 2017.