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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


Nacho is an explorer, he wants to know about anything he can find, he plays with anything that moves, he explores anything that is open. He watches TV so he can paw at the screen. He paws the computer screen cursor. He writes messages on the computer keyboard (his language). Purrs from his heart. In sum, he is a delight. Nacho is 9 weeks old (as of 8/13/15)and his sibling Domino is also posted. Rescued in 2015.


is a petite kitten, about 10 weeks old. Very playful and purrs as soon as she is held.


is approximately 10-11 months old and was found wandering the streets. She's very friendly. She's good with kids and other cats. FIV/FLV negative, spayed and has all shots.


Nala is looks like a full Maine Coon - she is absolutely GORGEOUS! She is about a year and just a doll. She came to Pet Rescue after her owner sadly died. Nala loves to be held, is very well mannered and is friendly with other cats & dogs too.
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bp Rescued in 2015.


Nala is an affectionate older cat (approx. 12 years old) who lives exclusively indoors. Her main interests are sleeping, cuddling and gazing out the window. She's a loving pet who enjoys sharing the bed (if you let her!) and lots of lap naps. She's been raised by the same couple since she was a kitten and is in excellent health for her age. She is incredibly friendly and open to everyone, though best suited for a home with no other pets (she likes to be the center of attention) and older children who won't chase or scare her. To meet Nala, please contact Victoria at Rescued in 2017.

Nala & Lola

Nala & Lola are as charming and adorable as their names suggest. These two beautiful girls with unique red and white silky coats, are approx. 2 1/2 years old with great personalities. Much loved in their current home, their human Mom has a newborn with severe allergies and must seek a new home for her beloved felines. Nala & Lola look like twins and are hard to tell apart. Both are in excellent health, spayed and up to date with all vaccinations. To meet these young, sweet kitties, please contact Catherine at or at 631-901-9816. Rescued in 2013.


This lovely cat raised 5 kittens who have all been adopted and now Naomi is eager to find a loving home of her own. Naomi is a tall, gentle calico with beautiful markings. She's a bit shy until she feels safe and very affectionate once she knows you. Naomi is a year old, up to date on shots, spayed and micro chipped. Her bright green eyes always seem to be smiling and she gets along very well with other cats. Rescued in 2013.


is a handsome 1 year old Tuxedo who we rescued from the Bronx with his half brother, Nicky. He is extremely loving and playful. Gets along with other cats too. It is so sweet to watch him and Nicky groom each other.


Interested in adopting a sweet, affectionate, lap cat? Look no further! There are too many positive adjectives to describe this adorable sweetie pie! Natalie is around 4 or 5 years old but is the size of a kitten! This pint-sized cutie will sit on your shoulder all day and give you all the love in the world! KC Rescued in 2016.


Sweet and demure, Natasha is a beautiful 6-month old Russian Blue mix. She has a soft, luxurious coat and big gold eyes.


Dainty Natasha's petite size makes her appear younger than her 2 years. She is incredibly affectionate and good-natured. Natasha likes to be brushed and will spend hours rolling, purring, delighted by your adoration. She has a very gentle disposition, accepting of other cats and calm dogs. Natasha would do best in a queter home as she tends to be shy at first. What a little love! Rescued in 2012.


Cats don't come any sweeter than Nate. He just walked up to his rescuer on the street and gave a big meow! Now in a foster home, he has proven to be very affectionate and attentive, always staying close by and wanting to sit on the nearest lap. About a year old, he's curious about everything and acts like a big kitten. He loves to play and is used to living with both dogs and cats - but note he does like to play chase so any companion animal should be able to hold their own. He's going to make a family very happy. Rescued in 2014.


Nathaniel is the brother of Shade and Snoopy, also featured on our website. Nathaniel is similar to Shade in appearance (silky black) but is smaller in build. Like his brothers, he is an indoors only boy who loves children. In excellent health, he has not yet been neutered. To meet Nathaniel, please email Tara at: Rescued in 2011.


Sweet Naya gave birth to 4 kittens on April 8, 2011 (Bear, Petey, Smudge and Zoe) and has been a wonderful mother. Her kittens are ready for adoption and so is she. Naya is a loving cat as well as a dedicated mother. She is mellow and amiable, and might in time, become accustomed to cat savvy dogs. In great health and up to date with all shots, Naya is ready for a permanent home. Rescued in 2011.


Sweet Naya gave brith to 4 kittens on April 8, 2011, all of whom have been adopted. Naya has been a wonderful mother to her brood. She is a loving cat, as well as a dedicated mother. Naya is mellow and amiable, and might in time, become accustomed to cat savvy dogs. In great health and up to date with all shots, Naya is ready for a permanent home, where she would be the only cat in the household. Rescued in 2011.


Nayla, a beautiful lady who gets along with everyone even though she was an only pet in her original home. Although she is quiet she is curious to meet visitors and likes to retrieve balls. She came to us because her people moved overseas as missionaries.


is an instant bonder and lap-sitter. He’ll follow you around like a dog. He gets along with other cats but would be quite happy to be an only one as he was before his owner deserted him. He is very active and explores all corners between his naps on a lap or a pillow. When you have Ned for company you really don’t need much of anybody else. But be careful that he doesn’t try to run out the door.

Neely and Francie

Neely, the boy, was adopted on 8/6/16. Now it's Francie's time to find her forever home. Francie is a bit shy but quickly becomes quite friendly, you just have to let her sniff your finger and she lets you pet her. She will play with anything: the ruler she liberates from the desk, the angry bird stuffed toys she was given. She also likes highlighters and markers -- really anything she can putt putt around the room. Francie purrs like mad. She sounds like coffee pots on high. She always looks well groomed. NY Rescued in 2016.

Neil Young

Neil Young, hungry and cold, knocked at the door of a musician right after the biggest snow storm on record. She gave him his name. Clearly wanting companionship as well as comfort, he was affectionate at first touch, purring and cuddling immediately. He showed his good nature from the very first. Although he is in a cage now, he is still affectionate and the best boy possible. Our vet thought he was about a year old when he was checked and tested.


This adorable boy is about 5 months old and just as sweet as can be. He takes it all in stride and loves to be held and cuddled. He is a great cat.


Nero is a snuggly little gray disguised as a sleek panther! He likes chasing his ball with a bell inside and is adept at climbing his scratching post. Nero likes lively time with his litter mates (Flora and Dickens). He's building his confidence and is getting along okay with dogs. Nero is looking for his forever home - preferably one with a warm lap for his naptime. Rescued in 2012.


Little Nibbles is one of three darling kitties living in a foster home with his Mom, Mia. This handsome little boy with black and white coloring is very friendly and loves human companionship, as do his two sisters, also featured on our website. Born at the end of May, 2011, Nibbles is ready for his permanent home. Rescued in 2011.


A very sweet and loving 4 month old Tuxedo kitten.


Nick and his sister Nora are gorgeous! About 14 weeks old now, Nick is long-haired and his sister is medium-haired. They are in a loving foster home and very sweet, friendly and playful! Plus, both Nick and Nora get along super well with dogs. Nick is now neutered and in the best of health. Rescued in 2013.

Nick Nack

This adorable young long-haired Calico is a sweet and friendly kitty who totally enchanted the couple who found her and took her in. Unfortunately they cannot adopt her due to allergy issues, So Nick Nack still needs to find her forever home. Though accustomed to the outdoors, we feel Nick Nack prefers to be an indoor only cat. To learn more about Nick Nack, please contact (courtesy listing)


is a handsome 2 year old Tuxedo who we rescued from the Bronx with his half brother, Nat. He has a sweet, calm disposition. It is so sweet to watch these brothers groom each other.


This cute little boy is kind of fuzzy. He is only about 6 weeks old and will need to be in a home with another kitten.


is a big, soft, cuddly, friendly, curious, and good-natured boy with lovely symmetrical markings: soft gray tabby with white legs, chest, belly and ring around his neck. He's a cat for all people. He's not fazed by dogs and adapts to new situations without a blink. Whoever takes this delectable cat to their bosom will be very happy. Nicky will be happy with a cat companion or as a one and only.

Nicole's Cats

Nicole's cats are two super handsome boys, 3 year old William (white/orange markings and longish fur) and 9 year old Q-Tip (pure white) both of whom are in need of a new home. These soft, sweet cats were adopted as little kittens by their owner who can no longer care for them due to illness, but loves them dearly. Both are neutered and in excellent health. Q-tip is a very mellow kitty and 3 year old William is an active boy for his age. To meet these cats, please contact Nicole at Rescued in 2013.


Beautiful Nicolette is only 9 months old, but she already had one litter of kittens, all of whom have been adopted. This lovely cat is very sweet and affectionate. Now spayed and up to date with all vaccinations, it's her time to find a permanent home. She currently resides in a wonderful foster home where she is around other cats and dogs. Rescued in 2013.


If you like cats with a Siamese heritage, Nigel will amaze you. This little Siamese mix boy is cute as can be, curious, alert and intelligent. He seems to have all the best aspects of the Siamese part of his ancestry. Nigel is approx. 12 weeks old as of 7/7/10.


Nightwatch, a black female is currently 10 weeks old, (born approx. end of Sept.) and is simply an adorable kitten! Nightwatch is a bit shy and physically smaller than her brothers Wynke and Blynke. Little Nightwatch likes back rubs and loves to be petted and stroked. Rescued in 2014.


Nikki is a beautiful grey/white female, about a year old. She is very sweet and friendly.


Niko is a beautiful, velvety-smooth male, about 1 1/2 years old. He is very sweet. He is a little nervous around other cats but is fine with people. He was given up when his owner had a baby.


Nimbus is a beautiful, young Russian Blue with a bit of Chartreux ancestry thrown in. This petite 7 lb kitty has a silky silver grey coat that is super soft. Her eyes are greenish yellow and she has a perfect triangular black nose. Nimbus is rebuilding her confidence and seeks attention from people, purring and rubbing her head against her humans, responding to play with string toys more each day. She is not demanding and can spend many hours on her own. We believe she would do best as the only cat in a home that is quiet and calm, where she can be the queen of the household. Rescued in 2013.


is a 9 weeks old female Calico. She's a little shy. Loves to be cuddled and purrs like a motor. Just adorable!


Nina is an adorable little 8 week old (as of Oct 23) kitten. This little beauty was found by some students at Somers High School when she was near death. She was brought to Pet Rescue where our amazing vet and one of our dedicated volunteers saved her. She is the calmest and cuddliest little kitten we have seen in a long time. While we can't promise that she will stay calm, we know that she is the sweetest little kitty and will make somebody very happy. Rescued in 2014.


Nina is a very special little kitty. About 12 weeks old as of 7/25/15, she is blind in both eyes. BUT, that doesn't bother this spunky little girl. Nina loves to be loved and has adjusted well to other cats. ms Rescued in 2015.


What s lovely name for a sweet and lovely kitten! Noel was the runt of the litter, but this little darling is thriving now. She just loves to play and cuddle. Born the end of April 2011, Noel is growing into a marvelous feline who merits a good home. Rescued in 2011.


What a lovely name for a sweet and lovely kitten! Noel was the runt of the litter, but this little calico darling is thriving now. She just loves to play and cuddle. Born the end of April 2011, Noel is growing into a marvelous feline who merits a good home. Rescued in 2011.

Noelle and Nicholas

This beautifully matched pair of kittens are looking for their forever home. About 4.5 months old as of 2/1/16, Noelle(f) Nicholas(m) tend to be a bit on the shy side but warm up quickly. Charming, amusing, good-natured and crazy cute these bonded siblings must be adopted together. mn Rescued in 2016.


Noir is a sweet little female kitten (approx. 8 weeks old as of 8/31/18) with soft black fur, who likes to be around people. She enjoys to be petted and purrs all the time. She also likes to be rubbed on the belly. Noir is a very playful little gal and super curious about her surroundings. This little bundle of joy is a cutie and a real treasure! (tt) Rescued in 2018.


Yes, that is her natural eye color! Nola is about 10-11 months old with the most stunning orange eyes. She is friendly and fine with other cats.


Nolan is a super sweet cat. He loves to be petted and is very gentle. He is a large cat but does not know it. Loud noises scare him. He is about 1-2 years old.


is a precious, gentle and loving 4 ½ year old female cat. She is the mother of three: two boys (Mac and Nutmeg) and one girl (Oreo). She purrs like a motor when given love and she is docile and quiet by nature. She was found as a stray cat almost 3 years ago very thin and emaciated, hence she looked like a blond noodle. Noodle has happily been an indoor companion ever since and has also filled out. Noodle would love to find a family that she can love and possibly share with her very attached son, Nutmeg.


Nora and her brother Nick are gorgeous! About 14 weeks old now, Nora is medium-haired and a little smaller than her brother, Nick. They are in a loving foster home and very sweet, friendly and playful! Nora and her brother Nick also get along well with dogs. Nora was recently spayed and in the best of health. Rescued in 2013.


Norma is a sweet, friendly 3 year old stray cat that is now being tended to by good neighbors. Once someone's devoted pet, she was left to fend for herself. She is spayed and appears to be in good health. She is comfortable being picked up, kissed and held and has no problem with being placed in a carrier. The kind people who feed and care for her want to find a permanent home for this kitty before winter sets in. To meet Norma, please contact Christopher at 10/16/16 Rescued in 2016.


Norman is a big name for a little kitty with a big soul!! He is a purr machine, loves to be held and kissed. Norman is calm and quiet and will come onto your lap and relax! Beautiful face markings on this little baby boy. Must see!! Rescued in 2015.


Sweet Norman is a lively playful young kitten (born April 2015). Norman knows his name and comes when you call him. He acts more like a dog than a cat. Norman has a voice as quiet as a mouse and a heart as big as a lion. He loves to cuddle after playtime and will sit on your chest while you watch TV. Norman will bring so much love and fun to the right family, could that be you? ts Rescued in 2015.


North is an incredibly sweet girl. She has mostly white fur with beautiful markings on the head and the tail. North is super loving and very attached to humans. She likes to be around her foster family and she is a purring machine! The living room is North’s favorite place, where she plays, lies next to her humans and picks a lap as her sleep spot. North is a talker. She likes to communicate with the humans. When she plays, she makes the cutest little trills. Did we mention how much she loves being pet? She is purrfect in every way! This adorable little fellow will make a perfect companion to any family. North is 5.5 months old as of 11/6/18.(tt) Rescued in 2018.


is a long-haired kitten with extra front toes. He is about 7 weeks old and used to being around other cats and dogs.


is a gorgeous red female. Sweet, friendly and loving.


is a gorgeous orange-red male tabby. He loves getting attention, and his favorite pastime is following his mom around. He is a healthy 2 ½ years old tiger look-a-like. Nutmeg would love to find a family that would adopt him with his mother, Noodle. He is very attached to her and would adjust faster and easier with her around.