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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


Eddie is an adorable kitten, about 7 weeks old. Sweet, playful and stunningly beautiful! He and his brother David are the sweetest little guys and love to snuggle up together on a big soft bed when they are done playing Rescued in 2015.


Eddie is an adorable kitten, about 7 weeks old. Sweet, playful and stunningly beautiful! He and his brother David are the sweetest little guys and love to snuggle up together on a big soft bed when they are done playing. Rescued in 2015.


Edgar is a handsome polydactyl kitten who loves to play with all the cats in his foster home. He loves to observe the outdoors in any open window. Can be shy and slow to warm up but will let you pet him. He also loves to sleep on his foster moms bed at night! He lives with his 2 sisters and 4 other cats. He needs a forever home with another cat/cats. Born Sept. 2015. AF Rescued in 2016.
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Edward is a big beautiful boy, about 1 1/2 years old. He is very friendly and a big mush. He would make a wonderful family companion. Rescued in 2014.

Eeney & Meenie

Eeney & Meenie are adorable sisters, about 12 weeks old. Happy go-lucky, playful and sweet as can be. They've been in their foster home since they were five days old and are very well socialized. They have matching dots on white on their chest and abdomen... so cute!Click here to read their story.


Einstein(and his sister Twinkle, also posted) are the sweetest, cuddliest and friendliest kittens you could ever imagine! They are 10 weeks old as of 5/29/10 and a bundle of kitten energy. They love to play together, sleep together and have fun together.

El Dorado

El Dorado is a 2 year young bundle of love. He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He's wondering where his forever home is, could it be yours? Rescued in 2016.

Eli & Elliott

These 2 adorable brothers are about 9 weeks old. They are sweet, friendly and playful. We would love to find them a home together for twice the fun! Eli is the tabby and Elliott is grey/white. Rescued in 2015.


This adorable girl is very friendly and loves to be petted. She is about 6-7 weeks old.


Elio had a rough start, raised outside an apartment complex and finding his dinner in a dumpster. But now he's discovering a new life in a foster home and this eight-month-old grey tabby kitten has found how great it is to be petted and likes to play. He LOVES to be touched and once he knows you, he falls over to expose his belly for some good rubbing. When fully grown he's going to be a big boy! He lives with seven other cats and dogs and likes both. Elio needs a quiet home where he can continue learning to trust people. He would be a good companion to another cat and would thrive in a one-person (or maybe two) household. He is a good learner and will do anything for a treat. This is one sweet boy! Check out his beautiful "swirl pattern" coat. It just makes him even more special! Rescued in 2014.

Elizabeth's Kittens (Chip & Tater Tot)

Elizabeth's Kittens are now two! Tater Tot (tuxedo male with white nose) and Chip (tuxedo male with black nose) remain following their sister's adoption on 12/2/18. About 11 weeks of age (as of 12/02/18), this is a lovely duo of sibling kittens. Tater Tot and Chip are sweet and just love snuggling with each other. The two boys enjoy playing with the toys that abound and learning all about their new foster home. (ep) Rescued in 2018.


is a sweet 7-8 week old female kitten who loves to cuddle and play. She and her siblings purr non-stop. They're just adorable! Come and meet them and other kittens at our booth at the Historic Harbor Street Fair on Mamaroneck Ave (near the Harbor) this Sunday from 11am-5pm.


Ella is an adorable kitten, about 9 weeks old. She is Simba's sister and Pursey's daughter. She is very sweet, friendly and playful.


Ella is a 7 week old kitten (born end of September 2013)who would make a purr-fect addition to any family. Soft, loving and gentle, she is being fostered in a home with other cats and children, and gets along well with everyone. Please contact to meet this kitten. Rescued in 2013.


Ella was found on the streets of Yonkers. Very affectionate, Ella lets you know when she wants attention. Striking markings, this beautiful cat will charm her way into your heart KC Rescued in 2016.


is an adorable 7 week old kitten that we rescued from a NYC shelter.


Ellie, round and cuddly, will grab a lap or a place on the desk or bed any time she can. She is always ready for affection and is particularly fond of Kerry, a handsome and wonderful black and white male, also listed on our website. Both of them are positive for FIV but have no symptoms and could live long lives.


Ellie is such a beautiful little kitty! Charming, sweet and playful, this long-haired sweetheart is a delight. Approx. 12 weeks as of 7/7/10, Ellie should grow into a wonderful female cat.


is a handsome 9 week old kitten. Playful, loving and just adorable!


Elliot is a big, fluffy Maine Coon mix boy. Once an outdoor cat (with his sister, Missy), he is a sociable, friendly kitty who has come in from the cold and resides with a wonderful feline friendly neighbor in her office. She feeds him, pets him, had him neutered and gives him all the tender loving care this gorgeous orange and white long-hair deserves. All he needs now is a permanent home to call his own (and the home can have dogs, as Elliot is dog friendly). To meet Elliot, please contact Kristina at 914-777-1930 or at Rescued in 2012.


is a gorgeous long hair kitten, about 13-14 weeks old. He is very sweet but fairly shy and will need a calm environment. Rescued in 2005.


If you want a sweet loving kitten that will stay pretty close to kitten size, this beauty is for you. Eloise is a long-haired smoky gray with flecks of snow white around her head and chest. When she is not playing or taking a snooze, she loves to be held and will purr in your arms.


Hi! my name is Elsa and I am approximately two years old and a sleek nine pounds. As you can see I am beautifully coiffured in a gorgeous sleek grey and white coat with stunning and magnetic yellow eyes that shows my soul's wish for a home and family of my very own. I don't know why I was abandoned to the streets of New Rochelle but thank goodness this nice lady and man took to me and gave me a name and began feeding me and giving me a place to sleep outside. They wanted to bring me inside but their big fella Max wasn't too keen on sharing their affections nor his home plus Emi (dog) lives their too and I'm very afraid of him - my humans say he is a good dog and he won't hurt me but I'd rather have a home without one of them. My humans will be moving and want to make sure that I am safe and secured in a new surroundings with other humans that will treat me as special as I have been treated for the past six months. Ohhhhhhhh! some important information my humans think you should know: I have all my vaccinations, neg for FIV, spayed and just luv the attention when I go to the doctors and vet techs. I have been told that I am extremely loving and very affectionate! Do you think you may have room in your heart and home for me??????? I promise I'll be the best cat you have every had. My current humans have taken me in and are keeping me in a nice warm room with plenty of blankets, food and a real litter box of my own since the weather is changing and they want to ensure that I am kept safe and sound. They feel very bad that I have to be kept isolated but they think it is best for me right now. If you have questions or want to speak to my current humans, Sarah and Daniel, please write to or I'm waiting for you! Paws-up! Elsa


Elvis is a gorgeous tabby who found Pet Rescue (we didn't find him)and made himself right at home. A super intelligent big hunk of love, he is a true mush with an engaging personality that simply makes you want to pick him up and give him a big hug. Friendly as can be, our Elvis loves to be petted, but like all cats, he has an independent spirit that makes him fascinating to watch.


Elvis is an adorable kitty with a very friendly personality, who also enjoys the company of other cats. Born mid June, 2011, Elvis shares a foster home with Mama Mia and Celeste, also featured on our website. Elvis is in great health and up to date with all kitten shots. Rescued in 2011.

Emerson & Lake

Emerson & Lake are two of the most adorable little boys you will ever meet. They love people and come running when they see you. They love to have their bellies scratched and purr so loud you can hear them from a mile away. Emerson and Lake also love dogs. Whenever the dogs in the foster home come into the room they run to play with them. They are content to just fall asleep in your lap. They are about 9 weeks old.


is a perfect beauty with her Asian elegance and has the personality to match. At 6 months old, she is likely to stay petite and elegant. When she came to us she was a little wobbly on her back legs but the vet said the condition was temporary. Sure enough she's almost all well.

Emma (Sugar Plum Kitties)

Emma is from the Sugar Plum Kitties group. She is a super-soft medium hair light gray tabby with a white flank. Emma is a sweetheart, and very playful. Unlike her outgoing brothers, she is more of a “follower” in the group and will happily say hello and receive attention once she knows she is safe. If you are considering adopting Emma, please consider adopting a sibling as well so she can have a buddy! KW Rescued in 2016.


Emmet is a sweet, sweet, sweet little boy. He's a 5 month old kitten that loves sleeping in your lap and a little purring machine. Emmet is very affectionate and comes when you call his name. He's very playful and will keep you entertained for watching him.


It doesn't come any cuter than this. Enzo is a 10 month old (10/22/15) sweet male. This kitty loves to cuddle at and the same time likes to be part of the action. Very social and gentle, he is good with cats, dogs and kids. Enzo would be a great addition to an active family's home. bp Rescued in 2015.

Eric & Leona

Leona loves to play and climbs everywhere but she is more on the shy side and is very cautious so we’ve been trying to pick her up a lot. Eric is the biggest sweetheart, he loves to snuggle and will fall asleep in my arms and purrs all the time. He also loves to explore the house! (ep) Rescued in 2018.


loves to be petted and would be happy to fall asleep in your arms. She was one of several cats who lost their homes because of a fire in their building which caused the permanent evacuation of all the tenants. Luckily someone fed her near the building before we came along. Erica is a beautiful light orange with a few white spots, very smooth and beautiful but the best thing about Erica is her lovingness and gentleness. She'll be a perfect companion to you and your other cats.


is an adorable 7 week old kitten that we rescued from a NYC shelter.


Erin is a sweet, very petite one year old kitty with the most wonderful purr! This lovely brown tabby just purrs, purrs and purrs some more. She also enjoys being picked up by a favorite human and will happily sit on the windowsill and watch what is happening. Erin is a complete and utter love. A true sweetheart! Erin can be visited at our Kitty Cottage. Rescued in 2018.

Ernest & Friends

Meet Ernest Hemingway (or Ernie), Sally, Stefania, and Sabrina! Ernie is the long-haired grey/white polydactyl male. Sally is the medium-haired pastel calico (also polydactyl). Stefania and Sabrina are short-haired pastel calicos; Stefania is also polydactyl. These kittens are about 3 months old, found in Queens. Sabrina and Ernie purr when they are held -- Stefania and Sally are a little more shy. All are spayed/neutered, tested, had rabies vaccination, first set of shots.


Ernie cried pitifully outside the office of one of our rescuers. He was plainly not used to being out in the rain and the cold and knocked on the right door. After neutering, he was given free reign at Pet Rescue. He shows his gratitude by rolling over on his back to get his belly rubbed by anyone willing to do the job. He gets along fine with all the other cats.


This playful boy was living on the street and looking for a home. 1 1/2 years old, he is very sweet and playful. He loves to play with his toy mice. He gives his foster mom kisses on her cheek. He purrs loudly and loves attention. Ernie needs to find a home where he can be the only feline. For more information, contact Stefanie 914-282-4474.


Eva is from the same litter as Heidi, Oreo & Snickers. Adorable 10 week old kittens that love to play and romp around.


This beautiful baby is just about 9 weeks old now and very snuggly and playful. She loves attention and also loves to play. She is used to other cats and dogs.

Eva & Zsa Zsa

Kittens Gabor! Super sweet-energetic 9/10 week old Maine Coone mix siblings, Eva and Zsa Zsa are non stop purring machines. These darling female siblings are Polydactyl and must be adopted together. They will be ready for adoption by December 1. (MN) Rescued in 2018.