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Ziggy is an gorgeous husky/collie mix, about 2 years old and 50 lbs. He was living outside on a chain when we rescued him - he is adjusting nicely to living indoors and manners training. He is a silly mischievous boy who just wants to be part of a family with a regular routine. His foster home has 3 other huskies and Ziggy especially loves to "husky play" with the youngest one (see video). He is very good-natured, housebroken and loves to sit on the couch to snuggle with you and watch TV. He gets all mushy when you gently massage his beautiful eyes and ears. We are looking for a home that has another young, playful active dog his size and a fully fenced-in (5 ft+) yard - he does chase cats, so a no-feline home would be best. He has a heart of gold and the lucky person who adopts him will have a wonderful companion for life.
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