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Bo is the BEST. He likes dogs and all kinds of people. He's friendly, house trained and knows his basic commands. He walks well with an easy-walker harness. Bo came to Pet Rescue after his human mom passed away - she was a dedicated transport driver, literally saving thousands of dogs from euthanasia in the South. Many of those dogs came to Pet Rescue and we are committed to finding Bo the most perfect home. He's 8 years old, but he has the spirit of a young dog. In his foster home, he sleeps at night in a dog bed and is not crated when the people go out. He's living with two other Pet Rescue dogs - both a male and a female. And Bo is such a good sport, he lets the little 15 lb. dog jump on him all day. Bo is a big old mush-ball. If you want easy and lovable, Bo's your man.

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