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With her sweet disposition, little Tiffany is a super calm and gentle 3 year-old, 7 pound Chihuahua-Terrier mix, who never barks -- really! You will barely know she is there unless she is in your lap, snuggling with you on the sofa, or keeping company wherever you are. Tiffany is intelligent, lively and curious. She quickly will become your devoted and affectionate companion! She wants to please and is crate, leash, wee-wee pad and outside trained. Her favorite activity, when not curled up beside you or on her comfy dog bed, is taking brisk walks while tracking scents along the way, which really gets her tail wagging and shows off her adorable, perky personality! Tiffany also loves car rides and is on board for any outing or errand running. She is outgoing, carefree and comfortable with lots of people and activity around her. While polite and social to other dogs and cats, she will be more interested in being your companion. Tiffany is a tiny treasure who brings tons of pleasure to her foster family. She is wonderful company and best suited to someone who can provide her with daily walks or outside time. She would be sensational in a household with older children and even elderly family members, as well as one-on-one!

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