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Rusty is the cutest guy with the most expressive brown eyes. He is a Beagle/Spaniel mix with just a little Jack Russell added to give him that extra-special personality. Rusty is between 5 and 6 years old and weighs around 30 pounds. He is completely housebroken, walks very well on the leash and rides great in a car. He also sleeps through the night (preferably cuddled up next to his foster mom) and does not stir until he hears someone up and about. He is friendly with other dogs and does a great little happy dance when he sees you're ready for a walk. Rusty knows his basic commands (see video) and is crate trained. His favorite activity though is cuddling. His head will always end up in your lap or he'll be at your feet waiting for a quick scratch between the ears. Rusty's only little quirk is that he is weary of strangers, but if introduced slowly and quietly, his tail will begin wagging and he'll make them part of the family. He is so easy to take care of and is a truly special dog that wants to give you his undying love and devotion. He's a great boy!
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