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Marcie is "the whole package" -- she's smart, playful, loving and just an all-around great girl! She loves to take walks, ride in the car, play ball and settle in for a good cuddle, nap or belly rub. When she first came into rescue (see photos), her coat was terribly matted, and she had to be shaved. BUT when it grows in, it will be thick and beautiful. She LOVES other dogs and people. She is some kind of herding mix, so she does nip to keep her flock in line -- therefore, homes with very young children will not be considered. She would do best in a home with a SECURELY fenced yard and ample opportunity to play and even another dog or two for company. She has been treated for heart worm and will require monthly medication throughout her life. She appears house trained; knows "sit" and "shake;" and can spend short periods of time in a crate. The groomer and foster home believe she will not shed. She is a large dog (about the size of a Lab) but can stand to lose a few pounds. She is about 60 lbs and around 2-3 years old. The last picture was taken before she was groomed.
Thank you Amanda Dusman for sponsoring my vet care!
Thank you Geraldine Duncan for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!

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