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Healing Paws Fund
Last week, we received an SOS from the MV Shelter about a terrible abuse case. Our vet was able to examine the dog right away and discovered areas on her body that had large, deep wounds where every layer of skin was missing and muscles and tissue were fully exposed. She must have been living like this for a while, since the smell was horrible, like decay. We treated her right away and kept her at the clinic for daily bandage changes and pain and antibiotic medication. She was starving and emaciated … you could see every bone in her body. This poor baby is only 8 months old and it is inconceivable that she has experienced such pain and suffering in her young life.

Today we call her Audrey, named after our dear rescue partner and also meaning nobility and strength. Despite Audrey's horrendous condition, she is as sweet and gentle as can be! She is being showered with love from all of our volunteers and getting the best medical care. With 3 nutritious meals a day, we can already see a huge difference in just one week. Once she is healed, we promise to find her a home where she will be treated with nothing but love.

If you would like to donate to our "Healing Paws Fund" to help Audrey and other animals that need medical care, please click here or the above button. Thank you!
UPDATE: Our volunteers arrived early Sunday morning with lots of puppies and dogs - 30 in total! They are all adorable and very, very sweet. They are settling in and will be posted on our website just as soon as they are ready. THANK YOU to all who helped sponsor our first rescue mission of 2015! There are still about 1/2 the dogs that need a sponsor - if you can help.
We are trying to rescue about 20 dogs from a high kill shelter this weekend (1/17), where they would otherwise be euthanized, but we need your help! Due to rising costs, we are requesting a bit more for sponsorship. To sponsor a dog's ticket to safety, the cost is $45. To sponsor a dog's vet care, the cost is $125. It is safe and easy to use Paypal by clicking the above "Sponsor a Dog" button. Paypal accepts credit cards and your donation is tax-deductible. With much gratitude, we will post your name next to your sponsor dog. Thank you so much for helping us give these gorgeous, homeless dogs a second chance!!!

Thank you vet care sponsors:
1 The Chaice Family
2 in loving memory of Cidney Loeb
3 in memory of Carol Kapetanakes
4 in memory of Carol Kapetanakes
5 Amanda Johnson
6 Debra & William McGuiness

Thank you transport sponsors:
1 Laurie Silber
2 In honor of Rebecca's 15th birthday
3 Julie Rizzo
4 Julie Rizzo
5 Daryl Thompson
6 In honor of our Shih Tzu Maci
7 Patricia L Tino
8 Donald Hurd
9 Trudi Davis
10 Trudi Davis
11 Linda Spaccavento
12 Theresa Palmiotto
13 Nancy & Ken Brock
14 June Lewis (Cricket)
15 Victoria Vulcano
16 Amanda Johnson
17 Ruth Frumkin
18 Jodi Roth
19 Debra & William McGuiness
20 In Memory of Anise Latham
21 Anna Lazare
22 Anna Lazare

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